Coating Place is at the forefront of Wurster sciences to ensure we offer the finest in research, development, and commercial manufacturing services.

The innovative process of Wurster particle coating was established and patented by Dr. Dale E. Wurster Ph.D. in the 1950’s and 1960's, in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF). Harlan S. Hall began his work with WARF and the Wurster process in 1971 as the Coating Laboratory Manager. He purchased the Wurster technology and original prototype equipment in 1976, marking the founding of Coating Place, Inc. In the years following, Coating Place developed products for numerous markets, including the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries. In 1982, Coating Place introduced the first micro-coater for research purposes, which was capable of producing approximately a 20-gram batch of product. Coating Place began development work in 1987 for oil field service companies to create an encapsulated breaker product, capable of delayed release properties. This microencapsulation process allowed the breaker to reach ample depths, temperature, and pressure before release and modification of the fracturing fluid. Continuing the advancement of Wurster fluid bed coating technology, a 7-nozzle production unit was built in 1989. By 1997, Coating Place developed the first 3-nozzle Wurster unit that allowed for linear scalability from research batches to production batches. This created the opportunity for Coating Place to begin commercial microencapsulation manufacturing for thin film-coating of industrial materials, drugs, and food. For the next 20 years, Coating Place became the exclusive commercial manufacturing supplier of breaker products to one of the leading oil field service companies.

Today, the two manufacturing facilities are equipped with twenty proprietary, highly advanced Wurster fluid bed coating units capable of producing batch sizes between 0.010 Kg and 800 Kg. Our research and development department utilizes four Wurster fluid bed coatings units; a model 400, model 600, and model 900 located in Verona, WI, as well as a model 400 and model 1200 unit located in Sauk City, WI. When research is complete, linear scalability allows Coating Place to efficiently transfer a product to one of our model 1800, 3200, or 4600 commercial Wurster fluid bed coating units for commercial manufacturing.

Coating Place continues to operate as a privately held contract manufacturing facility capable of formulation development, technology transfer, scale-up, and commercial manufacturing. No other contract research company offers a comparable record of bringing microencapsulated specialty products to commercial viability as quickly and efficiently as Coating Place. With over 45 years of experience across a wide range of Wurster applications, Coating Place provides unmatched proprietary knowledge with a continuous focus on improving and optimizing the Wurster process.

Did You Know?

Coating Place has major focuses in two industry segments, Pharmaceutical and Food Nutritional, with dedicated facilities and websites for each. If you want to learn more about our pharmaceutical manufacturing, please visit our other website.


Our Capabilities

Coating Place is the world’s first and foremost company dedicated to Wurster fluid bed microencapsulation technology.

Our Capabilities

Our continued focus keeps us at the forefront of Wurster technology, allowing us to provide the most advanced processes in our facilities. Our chemical and engineering experts can provide consulting and advanced technology support as you investigate the numerous benefits of the Wurster fluid bed microencapsulation process. With a workforce of 185+ highly experienced employees, we provide you with a legacy of efficiency, reliability, and quality control that ensures a safe, steady, and consistent product.


We Offer

Coating Place’s experience working with breakers and oil services products dates to 1987, making us the pioneer in encapsulated and controlled release products in the area.

We offer a wide range of encapsulated products to meet many temperature and pressure needs. Our encapsulated viscosity modifier provides a delayed release of breaker product into the hydraulic fracturing fluid, minimizing the early effects of breaker on the fluid.

Learn more about the range of Encapsulated Breaker products we can offer.


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