Coating Place has the most comprehensive and modern facilities dedicated to Wurster fluid bed coating for specialty chemical contract manufacturing.

Coating Place—Sauk City is a 110,000 ft² facility located in Sauk City, Wisconsin, 25 miles northwest of the headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin. This facility is equipped with multiple 4600 Wurster fluid bed coating units which manufacture batch sizes of up to 800 Kg per unit, as well as model 400 and model 1200 research coating units. All Coating Place Wurster fluid bed units are capable of handling aqueous or organic solvent-based coating systems. Each unit is equipped with the latest technology in emissions control. Coating units are built to control process air humidity, providing consistent and reproducible processing year-round. This facility is capable of manufacturing custom industrial and food-grade GMP products and offers controlled ambient storage areas for sensitive raw materials. Our engineering team designed the Coating Place–Sauk City facility to ensure flexibility in accommodating future fluid bed expansion, in addition to quality control laboratories.


Our Sauk City manufacturing facility has a long history as the Wisconsin Creamery Company Cooperative (WCCC). Built in 1948, the WCCC produced butter, cheese, powdered milk, and handled Grade ‘A’ milk. Eventually, through mergers with other local dairy cooperatives, WCCC became the Wisconsin Dairies Cooperative and was acquired by Foremost Farms USA. The Sauk City Creamery ceased its milk and cheese production in the 1980’s, but the 65,000 ft² facility continued to function as a milk transfer station through the late 1990’s. In the early 2000’s, Foremost Farms USA sold the facility. The building was stripped of much of its interior and equipment then converted to a storage warehouse.

Coating Place acquired the building in January of 2012, and the facility was immediately outfitted for Wurster fluid bed coating units, packaging lines, and analytical laboratory support. This provided the opportunity for the manufacturing of specialty chemical products to move from its headquarters in Verona to the Sauk City facility. In 2019, the facility was converted to GMP food-certified manufacturing for animal and human nutrition products. 

Did You Know?

Coating Place has major focuses in two industry segments, Pharmaceutical and Food Nutritional, with dedicated facilities and websites for each. If you want to learn more about our pharmaceutical manufacturing, please visit our other website.


Our Capabilities

Coating Place is the world’s first and foremost company dedicated to Wurster fluid bed microencapsulation technology.

Our Capabilities

Our continued focus keeps us at the forefront of Wurster technology, allowing us to provide the most advanced processes in our facilities. Our chemical and engineering experts can provide consulting and advanced technology support as you investigate the numerous benefits of the Wurster fluid bed microencapsulation process. With a workforce of 185+ highly experienced employees, we provide you with a legacy of efficiency, reliability, and quality control that ensures a safe, steady, and consistent product.


We Offer

Coating Place’s experience working with breakers and oil services products dates to 1987, making us the pioneer in encapsulated and controlled release products in the area.

We offer a wide range of encapsulated products to meet many temperature and pressure needs. Our encapsulated viscosity modifier provides a delayed release of breaker product into the hydraulic fracturing fluid, minimizing the early effects of breaker on the fluid.

Learn more about the range of Encapsulated Breaker products we can offer.


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