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Coating Place, Inc. offers a product line of Encapsulated Enzyme (Encap-ENZ) breaker products for delayed release, viscosity modifier applications in hydraulic fracturing situations. Encapsulated breaker products delay the release of the active breaker material when introduced to the fracturing fluid to allow for a more precise, uniform, and controllable discharge. The delayed release capability of Encap-ENZ enables the use of higher breaker concentrations without compromising the fracturing fluids proppant transport capabilities before the proper release time. The advantages of Encap-ENZ combine to offer improved product effectiveness and oil production efficiency in every individual facture site.

Breaker Mechanics:

A fracturing fluid made up of a high viscosity gel with a proppant, such as sand, is pumped into a well bore at an appropriate rate and pressure to produce lateral fractures to open access to surrounding crude oil and natural gas. This high viscosity fluid creates fractures that produce more return potential compared to a fluid that has a lower viscosity. Breaker, such as Encap-ENZ, is injected with the high viscosity fracturing fluid to lower the viscosity after a controlled release time thus, allowing the fluid to escape from the newly formed cracks while leaving the proppant in position to hold the fracture open. Crude oil and natural gas in the surrounding fracture zone will flow freely and can be extracted from the original well bore. The lower viscosity after viscosity modification allows for a higher rate of return on fluid used in the fracturing process.

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Our Capabilities

Coating Place is the world’s first and foremost company dedicated to Wurster fluid bed microencapsulation technology.

Our Capabilities

Our continued focus keeps us at the forefront of Wurster technology, allowing us to provide the most advanced processes in our facilities. Our chemical and engineering experts can provide consulting and advanced technology support as you investigate the numerous benefits of the Wurster fluid bed microencapsulation process. With a workforce of 185+ highly experienced employees, we provide you with a legacy of efficiency, reliability, and quality control that ensures a safe, steady, and consistent product.


We Offer

Coating Place’s experience working with breakers and oil services products dates to 1987, making us the pioneer in encapsulated and controlled release products in the area.

We offer a wide range of encapsulated products to meet many temperature and pressure needs. Our encapsulated viscosity modifier provides a delayed release of breaker product into the hydraulic fracturing fluid, minimizing the early effects of breaker on the fluid.

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