Wurster fluid bed coating has been used for numerous purposes, including improved stability or shelf life; controlled, sustained, or delayed release; taste or odor masking; dust control; safety; minor component content uniformity to a carrier or a major formulation component; improved flow characteristics; and many other applications.


Coating of pharmaceuticals can help ensure stability and prolong the shelf life of reactive ingredients. Coating is an effective way of masking the taste or odor of a particular drug to make a palatable product. Delayed, enteric, sustained, or extended-release can be achieved with the application of coatings on drug-containing beads, pellets, or particles. Capsules can be coated to improve capsule barrier or release properties.


Coatings of chemicals can provide controlled or delayed release properties, change absorption or surface properties, or isolate an active chemical in a mixture. The Wurster process can use a wide variety of coating materials permitting great flexibility in product design.


The Wurster process is used to encapsulate vitamins, minerals, and functional food ingredients. Food ingredients can be coated to mask an undesirable flavor or to improve stability and shelf life. Thin or partial coatings are very effective in reducing the caking of certain materials. Extended-release of flavors in products such as chewing gum can be achieved using the Wurster fluid bed coating process.

Animal Nutrition

Nutrients, medicines, and other additives can be taste-masked to improve palatability for animals. Medications can be stabilized by protective coatings. Coatings can also be used to control the release after ingestion.


Seeds can be coated for easier handling by increasing their size and allowing them to be planted by machines. Coating can contain pesticides and/or nutrients to improve germination and crop yields. Rodenticides can be coated to provide taste masking and controlled release properties.

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Coating Place is the world’s first and foremost company dedicated to Wurster fluid bed microencapsulation technology.

Our Capabilities

Our continued focus keeps us at the forefront of Wurster technology, allowing us to provide the most advanced processes in our facilities. Our chemical and engineering experts can provide consulting and advanced technology support as you investigate the numerous benefits of the Wurster fluid bed microencapsulation process. With a workforce of 185+ highly experienced employees, we provide you with a legacy of efficiency, reliability, and quality control that ensures a safe, steady, and consistent product.


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Coating Place’s experience working with breakers and oil services products dates to 1987, making us the pioneer in encapsulated and controlled release products in the area.

We offer a wide range of encapsulated products to meet many temperature and pressure needs. Our encapsulated viscosity modifier provides a delayed release of breaker product into the hydraulic fracturing fluid, minimizing the early effects of breaker on the fluid.

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